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New MYA HOME DECOR stencils for decorating walls and furniture.

There are three mandalas with three different styles: classic, modern and timeless. They are made with quality materials and precise cut.

Why choose a mandala to decorate your home?

The term mandala means "circle or wheel" and has its origin in India. These elements are used, above all, in Buddhism and Hinduism. From a spiritual point of view, they allude to symbologies of the macrocosm and microcosm and their benefits are appreciated by those who practice meditation.

In addition, along with their multiple benefits in the field of meditation, they are also being used in numerous decorative references within the home.

Mandalas can also be seen as protagonists in other cultures, being visible in labyrinths of Gothic churches, the Andean chacanas or the Indian dream catchers.

Shapes and meaning of Mandalas

Mandalas are generally round, although there are also square and polygonal shapes

Depending on the figures that make up a Mandala, the interpretations regarding meaning can be very varied: among others, the triangle means vitality, transformation, the circles mean security and true self, the square, stability and balance, the spiral refers to certain energies that are capable of healing, the butterfly is a symbol of the renewal of the soul, the pentagon keeps in touch the human body and the elements of the earth, fire, and water.

Whether to decorate or meditate, the decoration of Mandalas in your home is, without a doubt, a great choice ... and they are also beautiful!

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stencil mya home decor mandala 018

stencil mya home decor mandala 019

stencil mya home decor mandala 018 cojin

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